The Symbol Response G Series Gel Memory Foam & Air Infused Visco
is the mattress where comfort and support meet. This deluxe mattress
provides a great combination from the Air Infused and GelCare Memory
Foam that provides a cool, comfortable night of rest.
Our memory foam formula is designed to breathe better and to support
your muscles and joints after a long day, so you can stay comfortable all
night long. The Symbol Response series is made of all memory foam
which allows the bed to conform to your body shape and weight,
producing your ideal sleeping environment.
Kingsbury is a series of mattresses that feature an all foam infrastructure.
These all foam mattresses provide comfort, temperature sensitivity and
pressure point relief that you cannot get from a spring unit. Kingsbury
mattresses will provide you with a comfortable sleep with reduced tossing
and turning. With the perfect amount of support for your body and spine,
this bed will help to keep your body healthy for years to come.
The Dorchester Series offers a mattress for everyone’s specific taste. The
enclosed coil construction allows for motion separation, while the foam
encasement brings the sturdiness to the edge that creates a no roll off feel.
The Dorchester mattresses features the Symbol Deep Support System
which creates support not found in an innerspring mattress before and
allows an innerspring to feel much like a high performance specialty foam
The Stafford mattresses series feature the strength and durability of a
continuous coil mattress with the sturdy edge that the foam encasement
provides, along with no roll off effect ofter felt on all coil mattresses. The
Stafford mattresses feater the super elastic pro continuous coil innerspring
which covers 28% more surface and 16% more stable with less sway
compared to the industry standard.
The Grayson mattresses are a part of our Traditional Series which features
spring unit mattresses which have been the standard of the mattress
industry and part of a restful sleep since the 1930’s. They are the most
ecological, allowing for an affordable investment for anyone. The coils
provide the main support for the body and are important for a good night of
sleep and allow you to wake less achy and groggy.
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